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  • Name: DROP OG - RAW
  • Other names: ドロップOG, ドロップOG アウト・オブ・ガンチュー, Drop OG - Out of Ganchu, Drop OG: Out of Ganchu, Drop Out of Ganchu
  • Author(s): SHINAGAWA Hiroshi
  • Genre(s): Shounen
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Release In: Gekkan Shonen Champion
  • Views: 814


Shinogawa Hiroshi dropped out of school after being inspired by delinquents like Iguchi Tatsuya who live by their own rules and who speaks with his fists if anyone opposes him. He spends his days hanging out with other hoodlums, but Hiroshi is all mouth and if he gets into a fight, his ass is easily handed to him. However, this close group of friends, including Tatsuya, are there to protect him when his big mouth gets him in real trouble. However, there seems to be a storm gathering within the gangs of the city and Hiroshi and his crew might be caught in the middle of it!



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